Burke Bash

by Amy, June 29, 2008
A group of neighbors on Burke Ave got together and threw a bbq bash to welcome us and also to get to know each other better. The party was hosted by our next door neighbors, Ansgard and Anne, who are originally from Germany. Anne is pregnant and due with a baby girl on August 21. Our neighbors two doors down, Jason and Tiffin, also attended with their little boy Elan who is 2 weeks older than Quinn. Also in attendance were Nate & Julie, who are expecting their first baby on August 22. Lots of babies on Burke Ave! Rebecca and Mitchell were also there with their 2 boys. Also amazing was that there were more vegetarians than meat eaters! Ahhh Seattle! It was a beautiful evening it and it was nice to get to know our neighbors a little better. Hopefully we'll have plenty more of these evenings to come.

Don and Quinn having a great time! Our hosts, Ansgard and Anne are behind Don on the left.

Tiffin and Elan

Nate and Julie

Rebecca and Elan

My favorite guys hamming it up!

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