29 July 2008

Day at the Lake

Quinn and I had a day all to ourselves on Monday and we walked around the lake, hit Starbucks, did some swinging, and played in the grass. Here he is having some fun in the grass with the stroller.

Also Quinn took lots of steps yesterday and today with my help. He's pulling himself up pretty easily and finds power cords and plugs pretty intruiging. The babyproofing expert did the evaluation on Friday so we just need to decide which of the many things we want to install. But it's definitely time to get some outlet covers and gates.

28 July 2008

What's missing?

What's missing from this picture?

Yes, Quinn is missing. Don and I had a night out in the city on Saturday night. One of Don's coworkers had an engagement party on the top floor of Seattle's tallest building. It was quite the schwanky soire with the most amazing view!! Fortunately we had a clear evening and we could see for miles. We were the first one there and the first to leave.

The lighting in this picture is off, but you can get a feel for the view.

And Quinn did just fine without us!!

Fun with Quinn

Here are some of the fun things that Quinn has been up to lately. Here he is having a good old time with tupperware while I unpacked (yes unpacked) a box of glasses. Only one more box to go.

Quinn recently discovered the springy door stopper in the bedroom and loves playing with it. Here he is having some fun.

And who says you have to be 18 to drive. Quinn loves to drive and is an excellent driver.

Tonight Quinn took a small crawl forward so I think the forward crawling will be in full gear pretty soon. He is also starting to take some steps while standing and holding on to things. I'll get some action shots posted soon.

24 July 2008

Olympic Sculpture Park

Today Quinn and I met some other moms and babes downtown at the Seatte Art Museum Olympic Sculpture park. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sitting in the grass among the sculptures.

Here's Quinn sitting with the gals, Ella and Isadore.


Moms Sarah and Katie with Elliot and Isadore.

23 July 2008

Feeling my Oats!!

We had oatmeal and peaches for breakfast and I let Quinn do a little food painting after he was finished eating. He made quite a mess and unfortunately Darwin doesn't like oatmeal. Here's Quinn feeling his oats!

Tickle Monster

Don can always get Quinn laughing and here he is getting the giggles out of Q. Sweet music to my ears :)


It's been a couple of days since we posted, so I thought I would post some pics from the last couple of days and show what's been going on.

Here's Quinn at his favorite coffee joint on Sunday

I think that Darwin may be becoming fond of Quinn ;>) He'll actually lie near Quinn and won't get up as soon as I sent Q down. Here Darwin is just chillin' while Quinn takes a ride.

Quinn loves to pull himself up and stand. Here he is holding on to the couch and then looking cute.

Q can only crawl backwards at this point and sometimes finds himself in a little jam. Here he has backed himself in to a corner.

And you can see he's not too happy about it :(

19 July 2008


Today my mom's group got together for a picnic at Golden Gates Park in Ballard down by the water. It was a beautiful spot right by the ocean and it was nice to meet all the husbands.

Here's Quinn with his yogurt goatee

Quinn enjoying the swing -- you can see the ocean in the background

Here's Q's buddy Kieran enjoying his 2nd swing ride ever. Fun!!

Shoshanna organized the get together and here she is with her son Spinoza

Here are the guys playing a game of Washers which is just like horseshoes. You can see they're having a bit of fun

And we'll finish off with a sweet lil' scoop of Q

18 July 2008

In the Grass

This afternoon I met up with another mom and her daughter for a walk around the lake. It was nice meeting a new mom and we plan to get together again. But it just wasn't Quinn's afternoon. He wasn't happy in the stroller, on my back, in the stroller, or on my back. He was quite happy holding my sunglasses while I carried him :) We had a pit stop on the way home to see if we could improve his mood and he was happy until he went back in the stroller again. But here he is enjoying hanging out in the grass.

Lil' Aviator

Quinn's Uncle Brad got him a very cute Lil' Aviator overalls set way back when and Q is finally fitting in to it. Q thought he would give Uncle Brad a call to thank him but he couldn't quite figure out how to dial the phone. Plus that phone is really tasty.

Yo Baby!!!

Quinn got yogurt for the first time this morning. Although he enjoyed eating it, I think he enjoyed playing with it a little more. Yo Baby makes an excellent edible finger paint. Who says you can't have fun with food?

Babysitter and Gerber Baby

Sorry no pics today :(

Today our new babysitter, Maggie, came over and watched Quinn for a couple of hours while I did stuff around the house. Quinn seemed to like her and Maggie was very sweet with him. She's going to watch him once a week and on the occasional evening. We hope this is the beginning of a long beautiful relationship :)

Quinn and I were zipping through Safeway and Quinn was being admired by all. One gentleman told me that I should get him in commercials because he looks like he could be a Gerber baby. That's our boy!!!

16 July 2008

Quinn Pulling Himself Up

Quinn is learning how to pull himself up from sitting to standing and can pop up pretty quickly. Here are some videos...

Try and try again. And if you haven't seen him go from a cry to a smile lately

And if you haven't heard him cry lately, here's music for your ears. He was rescued pretty quickly so no worries :)

And here he is successful in his pull ups. If only I could be successful in stopping my annoying mommy voice :(

Look at these blue eyes

Asleep on mamas back after walking Darwin.

Lunch on the Water and New Toys!!

Seattle is really big in to consignment shops -- it goes along with the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy. No need to buy new huge plastic contraptions when there are cheap ones looking for a good home. So today Barbara, Quinn and I checked out one of the local consignment shops and loaded up on toys. I was really impressed with the selection and prices. I'm sure we'll be back again and again. Here's Quinn with his new supermaze. He really likes it, but he thinks he can use it to pull himself up. So we had a couple of butt bumps back to the floor.

After shopping, we went to a restaurant in Ballard and had lunch on the water.

Lake Walk and Park time

Yesterday Barbara (Mae to Quinn), Quinn and I made the loop around the lake. It was a nice warm day and we got in a good walk. We made a pit stop at Starbucks and ate up all the calories we just burned and then headed to the playground. There are only a couple of things Quinn can play with at the play ground but here he is checking out some of the fun

Quinn with Mae

13 July 2008

Yeah, the Wading Pool

On most warm weekends we like to visit the Wading Pool one day so Quinn can splash and we can chill. Today we had a little picnic and Quinn napped after a good splashing around! Here's Quinn in action with The Big Dog

And here he is after he crashed

Our sweet little pumpkin :)

Barbara getting some Seattle sun