The Fourth of July

by Amy, July 05, 2008
We had a fun family Fourth of July at home. In the morning we did some stuff around the house. Don turned over Quinn's playbox so he could help himself to all his toys. He methodically pulled each toy out, gave it a good chew, and then moved on to the next one.

Here's Quinn sitting the grass while I get some flowers planted out front. He loves hanging out in our "yard".

And the grass is so tasty...

Later in the day we ran down to the Wading Pool and hung out for a while. It was a little cloudy so not that many kids there. When the weather isn't going to be too nice, the Wading Pool is filled halfway. Quinn is quite the magnet and all the kids came to check him out.

Don bought him a little red wagon that we use to haul all our stuff down to the "pool". Quinn's sitting skills aren't quite good enough yet to get a full ride in the wagon, but Don gave him a slow little ride in the grass.

In the evening we went to John and Lynda McMurray's house for dinner and the fireworks show. The McMurray's have a beautiful house overlooking Lake Washington, the Seattle skyline, and the Olympics (if the skies are clear). Once the fireworks started, you could see about 20 firework shows going off in the distance. Each little beach town does their own show so it was pretty spectacular. At 10 pm, the big Seattle show and the Lake Union show started. Both were very impressive.

Here's Don and Quinn on the McMurray's patio.

Here we are with John and Lynda. Quinn is checking out the view :)

And Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!! Here he is hanging out with Don in Hawaii in May 2005.

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