Green Lake Walk and such

by Amy, July 01, 2008
This morning Quinn and I joined the "80's Ladies with Babies" group for a 3 mile walk around Green Lake. (The 80's group is for mom's born before 1971 and I think I qualify.) Joining the walk was Quinn's buddy Kieran and his mom Jessy. Quinn and Kieran also taking swimming lessons together on Wednesday mornings at the Green Lake pool.

Kieran gives Quinn a big hello wave.

Quinn is trying to understand what Keiran is explaining. I think Kieran's saying something like "Dude, it's time to chill because we're gonna be stuck in these strollers for the next hour". But, actually both little guys ended up on their respective mom's for half of the walk and both got in a quick catnap.

After a good afternoon nap and another walk around the block with Darwin, Quinn chills out on the floor.

And here's a quick little video of Quinn getting a ride on my knee before Darwin came along and ruined everything :)

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