Playdate and Mae

by Amy, July 12, 2008
Quinn and I had a busy day today. We joined the "Raising in the Rain" playgroup at one of the mom's house and there were a good 15 or so mom's there with their babies. The mom, Sarah, made us lunch and then let us wreck her house ;) It was a lot of fun.

Look at this sea of babies

And here's Quinn with Zoe. All the kids loved this rubbery dinosaur book.

And Mr. Quinn looking handsome in stripes

After the playgroup we zoomed to the airport to pick-up Barbara. Barbara came with a box full of toys that Don used to play with and one was this very cute Snoopy dog that you can pull. Quinn was pretty fascinated.

Darwin likes to get in on the action too.

I made some corn chowder for dinner and Quinn seemed to really like it and ate quite a bit. He is losing his taste for the purees and likes a little texture. I think we're making progress!!!
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