Sitters and Rollers

by Amy, July 08, 2008
Once a month Quinn and I attend a class/support group at a local birthing center for mom's with similar aged babies. It's a great place for the babies to mingle and chew on each other's toys and for mom's to talk about our similar issues. I always look forward to the first Monday of every month for the Sitters & Rollers class and I've met so many nice women. The mom's have also formed their own non-affiliated mom's club and we support each other and exchange information on message boards and also get together for coffee, book clubs, outings, etc. This Wednesday night is Mom's Night Out...wahooo!!

Here's Quinn in action with Matthew and Kendall.

Here's Quinn's pal Kieran and my friend Jessy. What great smiles!!

And some of the other babes and moms.

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