31 August 2008

Flying Lessons

Don gave Quinn some flying lessons at the park yesterday afternoon and I think The Mighty Quinn was enjoying himself ;-)

29 August 2008

Our Great Day

Q and I had a busy, fun day today. We started with a bright and early walk at 9 am with Amanda and her son Matthew who's about one month older than Quinn. This walk around the lake was one of the first times Q was happy in his stroller the whole time. After the walk, Quinn didn't have any interest in napping so we headed over to some friends for a playdate. Q was having a great time playing with all the "new" toys and hanging out with the other kiddos. I didn't get very good pics, but here are a couple...

Q immediately fell asleep in the car ride home (about 10 minute ride) and then woke up as soon as I tried to transfer him to bed. So, we hung around the house and took some pictures.

He is really getting around and getting in to everything. He's able to easily pull himself up and get in to trouble.

And here are some of his funny faces. He's so expressive!!

Wondering when I'll put the camera away.

And then I was having some fun taking pictures of him through the glass door. He thought it was pretty funny too :)

Then we took Darwin for a walk and Quinn fell asleep on my back and got a little catnap in. To top off the great day, we found a new favorite restaurant called Tutta Bella. It's a super family friendly wood oven pizza joint. We enjoyed a bottle of red wine and some great pizza and there were kids at about 90% of the tables, so it was relaxing not having to worry about Quinn doing some loud talking.

After only 30 - 45 minutes of sleep today, Quinn promptly crashed at about 7:45 and will hopefully be down for the night.

26 August 2008

Q's Adventures

Now that Quinn is pretty mobile, he's getting in to lots of stuff. Tonight while I was cooking dinner he was checking out the pantry drawers and also the mixing bowls. Yesterday he discovered Darwin's water dish before I could get to him. He looks pretty perplexed as to how this happened.

This morning he was cruising around the bedroom and bathroom and he learned a new trick.

And here's a little giggle fest -- Q is very ticklish under his chin :)

Q in Dallas

We had a great time in Dallas this past weekend visiting Diane & Jeff, Jim & Joanne,and Jeff & Ellen. It was great to soak in some sun and get our fill of Vit D. But when we arrived it was pouring down rain and then this incredible double rainbow appeared.

We spent the first couple of nights with Diane and Jeff and took advantage of their incredible community pool on both days.

Here are some shots of us hanging out in the pool on Thursday and Friday...

And later Christina and Quinn were playing in her playroom and Christina put some bunny ears on Quinn. He didn't seem to mind them at all :)

And here's Quinn on Thursday morning.

On Friday we headed over to Joanne and Jim's. Joanne's cookbooks were easily accessible and Quinn loved to pull them off the shelves.

And here's Joanne introducing Quinn to their cat Sam.

We had a great time with all our California pals and returned to Seattle to heavy rain and chilly temps.

20 August 2008

The Destructor

Q got a great entertainment table from Diane, Jeff and Christina which he loves to play with. The table makes all sorts of noises and has a book with pages to turn. Well he has a new, not-so-gentle way to play with the table.

17 August 2008

Our day with Alex

We got a good start on the day and Alex and Quinn played around a little bit on the floor. Alex is so good with him and Quinn loves his big cousin Al! Here they are messing around (some of the pics are blurry but too cute not to post).

Then we headed downtown to visit the SAM (Seattle Art Museum).

Here's Alex in the lobby.

And Q checking out the SAM brochure

We wanted to Ride the Ducks! but they were sold out until 6 pm so we headed to an outdoor market and then home.

It's Alex's last day here and we'll miss him when he goes. It's been a great time and Q has loved playing with thim.

Yogurt Painting

We eat alot of yogurt around here and Q loves to play in it. Here are some shots of him doing some yogurt finger painting.

You also might notice his right cheek is a little red. Well (turn away grandmas), he took a header off the bed. He was playing around with the bed rail, while I was lying there, and the bedrail unlatched and he went over. It wasn't too hard of a fall, not that any fall is good, and he recovered pretty quickly but I'm now double checking the lock on the rail more closely.

16 August 2008

At the EMP

Today we were off to the Experience Music Project which was funded by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame and in a building designed by Frank Gearhy. It is a great music "museum" with lots of hands on stuff to do. Don and Alex played a version of Twist & Shout but opted not to buy the DVD. They also had a 15 minute jam session in a recording studio. Lots of fun!

Here are the guys in front of the guitar exhibit.

And I was just hanging out while they were recording trying to get a picture of Q, but he really wanted that camera.

Q out to dinner

Don took Friday off and he and Alex headed downtown for a little guy sightseeing. They did the Seattle underground tour and then hit Pikes Place Market. We had dinner on Lake Union and then drove around Seattle looking for a cupcake for Amy. We finally found one in Ballard around 9 pm -- it was worth the drive :)

Here's Quinn rocking his fauxhawk at dinner!

15 August 2008

Action Jackson

Quinn tried tofu for dinner for the first time in an Indian Curry and he really liked it, but we have yet to find something he doesn't like. After dinner Alex went for a bike ride around the lake and we met him at Ben & Jerry's for a little after dinner sweet treat. It is a warm day so it hit the spot. We got home and played a little with Quinn. Here we are playing with some numbers. He gets so excited when it fits through the hole. And I'm sure he knows which one is the yellow number 3 ;)

And here are a couple of him crawling around...

And here he is less than 15 minutes after the previous video. You can hear him breathing in the video. Our sweet boy zzzzonked out!

14 August 2008

Alex and his Dusty Strings

Sweet Maggie was here today to watch Quinn for a couple of hours while Alex and I headed out for some sight seeing. We ended in up Fremont which is a funky little neighborhood a couple of miles away. Alex had a great time going through the weird (in a good way) stores, vintage shops, and such. We found a great instrument store called Dusty Strings that was full of guitars, banjos, harps, etc. Alex played a bunch of the different instruments and I had to practically drag him out of there. He said he could have stayed all day.

13 August 2008

Big Al and LBQ

Quinn's oldest cousin Alex is here for a post high school graduation visit and we're having a great time touring Seattle. Today we went to West Seattle's Alki Beach for lunch with Amy's friend Amy and her daughter Lindsey. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

Here's Quinn at lunch with his favorite thing when we're out and about -- my very pink wallet :)

Here we are with Amy and Lindsey.

Amy, Quinn and Alex

Then we headed to the Olympic Sculpture Park and walked around. Here's my best attempt at an art shot.

The sculpture park leads down to the water so we walked along the water for a bit. Here's Big Al hanging out by the water.