Dinner Conversation

by Amy, August 04, 2008
Don and Quinn had a very interesting conversation at dinner tonight. I was just able to catch the tail end of it. Quinn is a little sleep deprived so he's going from happy to not-so-happy second by second.

Quinn has become quite a chowhound lately and will eat pretty much anything you put in his mouth so he's getting a wide variety of foods. We gave up on pureed baby foods pretty early on and now he enjoys whatever we're having for dinner. Just in the last couple of days he has started perfecting his pincer grasp and can pick up smaller foods and get them in his mouth. He loves blueberries, brocolli florets, peaches, yogurt, corn, hummus, avocados/guac, cheese, brown rice, sweet potatoes, tortellini, plums, cantelope, watermelon, bananas, steel cut oatmeal, etc, etc. He's a great lil' eater :)
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