11 August 2008

Dinner in Tangletown

We wrapped up the weekend with a dinner out in a nearby neighborhood called Tangletown on the south end of Greenlake. Here's our boy enjoying dinner out.

His favorite dinnertime activity -- banging on the table with gusto!

We had a tough night last night. Quinn went to bed at a normal time but then woke up around 10 pm and was ready to go!! He and Don stayed up until about 3 am when Q finally zonked out. But then he woke up screaming-crying around 5 am and I couldn't get him calmed down. It seemed like night terrors but I think that's more common in older kids. After about 30 - 45 minutes he calmed down and we were able to get him back to sleep. He slept until noon today. I think we're back on track for a good night's sleep tonight :)

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