Our Great Day

by Amy, August 29, 2008
Q and I had a busy, fun day today. We started with a bright and early walk at 9 am with Amanda and her son Matthew who's about one month older than Quinn. This walk around the lake was one of the first times Q was happy in his stroller the whole time. After the walk, Quinn didn't have any interest in napping so we headed over to some friends for a playdate. Q was having a great time playing with all the "new" toys and hanging out with the other kiddos. I didn't get very good pics, but here are a couple...

Q immediately fell asleep in the car ride home (about 10 minute ride) and then woke up as soon as I tried to transfer him to bed. So, we hung around the house and took some pictures.

He is really getting around and getting in to everything. He's able to easily pull himself up and get in to trouble.

And here are some of his funny faces. He's so expressive!!

Wondering when I'll put the camera away.

And then I was having some fun taking pictures of him through the glass door. He thought it was pretty funny too :)

Then we took Darwin for a walk and Quinn fell asleep on my back and got a little catnap in. To top off the great day, we found a new favorite restaurant called Tutta Bella. It's a super family friendly wood oven pizza joint. We enjoyed a bottle of red wine and some great pizza and there were kids at about 90% of the tables, so it was relaxing not having to worry about Quinn doing some loud talking.

After only 30 - 45 minutes of sleep today, Quinn promptly crashed at about 7:45 and will hopefully be down for the night.
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