Q is for Trouble!

by Amy, August 11, 2008
Quinn got a good night's sleep last night and was raring to go today. After a bath this morning, I put him in a diaper and let him have fun in the bedroom while I got dressed and worked on some laundry. I rarely put him in a diaper without shorts/pants because he's a clever little guy. Well, this is what I walked in to...

...here's Quinn...

...and here's his diaper (the green thing)

This is a little blurry but it gives you a good idea of what was going on in that bedroom

And then he decided to check out the laundry. He just doesn't trust that washing machine and will sometimes cry while it's spinning, but he can never seem to pull his eyes away from it.

Moving on to the desk chair.

And then looking in on that washing machine again. You can see he's a little troubled by it.

And here he is in a little outfit that was a gift from Uncle Curt and Aunt Judy. I got a picture because I think it's his last time fitting in to it. As far as trouble, now he's in undiscovered territory -- the bathroom.

And he's found his favorite thing -- paper!!!

These photos were taken in the course of about 30 minutes so he's a boy on the go. He can finally get in to all those things he's been eying for months. And we couldn't be more delighted ;) Now we just need to do some serious baby proofing!
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