Seafare Fun

by Amy, August 03, 2008
We went to John & Lynda's this afternoon to enjoy the Seafare Airshow. Joanne and the kids were in town too so it was great to see them. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day. All of us Seattle-ites thought it was pretty warm, but the Taylors thought it was a nice break from the heat of Dallas.

Here's Joanne and Callie, who just celebrated her 16th Birthday. She's a gorgeous girl!

Here's Joanne and Quinn. Sweet pics!

And Joanne, Q, Callie and Jameson

John pulled out his camera and I had a little lens envy ;)

Here are Amanda and Stas. Stas worked for Countrywide and we were friends with them in SoCal.

Here are my guys with the Seattle skyline as the backdrop.

Quinn's playing peek-a-boo behind the couch.

And blowing more raspberries.

Papa and son having a good chuckle.

Q enjoying his first iPod experience.

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