29 September 2008

Corn and Noodles

Here's a quick little video of Quinn's lunch today. We've discovered that he loves to chew on an ear of corn so he had some corn for lunch and some asian noodles. He's a little dubious of noodles, but seemed to enjoy them today for lunch.

Birthday Dinner

Don took the family out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. We went to a place called Joule which serves French/Korean fusion food -- interesting eh? Quinn loved the various kimchee's, collard greens, zuchini pancakes, and roasted cauliflower. He also got his first taste of meat as I decided to splurge and have some ribs. He liked it but not any more than the cauliflower or kimchee. Here's Q sucking on a rib bone.

Quinn kept anticipating the camera flash and would blink ahead of time ;)

And the birthday girl. Don got me a peace sign necklace, which I am wearing.

And the guys.

28 September 2008

Picnic in the Park

It was a beautiful September day in Seattle so we enjoyed the afternoon down at Greenlake. Don tried out the new slackline that he got for his birthday while Quinn and I were entertained. I'll try and get some video posted of Don on the slackline.

Here are some shots of Quinn at the lake.

Lots of people feed the squirrels so they aren't afraid of people. One approached our blanket and then Quinn took off after it.

The Family Album

Corky and Meg are here visiting and yesteday we went downtown and checked out Pike Place Market and got some yummy gelato at Gelatoria (or something like that). Today Corky and Meg met Corky's first cousin Pete and his wife Emily for a Mariner's game. We didn't think Q would hold up too well sitting at the game so we decided to skip the game. Don and I met them downtown for dinner later. We were very surprised to see Corky's other first cousin Casey from the San Francisco area walk in to the restaurant. It was a great night and fun for all!

We started the day with some family pictures. The bravado begins!

Grampa and Gramma Meg

Kisses from Gramma Meg.

Here's a picture you don't see very often. Quinn with mom!

Our happy little family!

After we dropped Corky & Meg off at the game, we headed down the coast while Q took a long 2 hour nap. We don't see Mount Ranier very often because of the cloud cover but today we had some beautiful views.

Then we met the crew for dinner. Here's Q with Pete & Em's 18 year old daughter Tylor. Quinn was being passed around a bit and wasn't so sure he liked it.

And with Uncle Casey. The red beard was a little shocking for Quinn.

But once Don stepped in all was OK.

Tylor peaked her head in too.

And a quick video of the motley crew!

22 September 2008


Don has had a busy work weekend so we ended the weekend with dinner out and then some frozen yogurt. Quinn loved the FroYo but would make a very funny face with each bite he took -- we're not sure if it was the cold or the sour that was getting to him. I couldn't quite capture the face but here's a try.

Today Quinn climbed the stairs again -- I think this is his 3rd time up the stairs. He also stood unassisted for about 5 - 10 seconds. He wasn't really trying, he just had something in his hands so he let go of the chair. Our Mr. Q also gave Don the "more" sign (in sign language) to be thrown up in the air again and again. We've been working on the signs, especially at dinner, and "more" is one of the ones we use alot. He's also moving on from the 'ba, ba, ba' sounds to a "da, da, da". It would be really great if we were teaching him dada but we're working on papa.

17 September 2008

Quinn and Kieran

It was another gorgeous September day in Seattle! Quinn and I met up with Jesse and Kieran for a walk around the lake and then some time at the playground. The playground is geared towards older kids but there is a small section where the little ones have stuff to do and there were quite a few little ones out playing today.

Aren't our boys cute!

Quinn and I were playing peek-a-boo! Can you also see that runny nose? Quinn had his first fever a couple of days ago and has had a runny nose ever since. But, he's still our happy guy!

16 September 2008

Magnolia Park

Today Quinn and I met Mary and her daughter Abby for a walk around Magnolia and then we played in the park for a while. I met Mary at the first Babywearing meeting that I went to a couple of days after we moved to Seattle. Abby is about 3 months older than Q. Here's a pic from April when we first met.

Here are the little cutie pies today playing in the grass.

Quinn in his new "outback" hat that is more manly than his other hats, which Don didn't care for.

Our little panting puppy ;)

A great view of the Seattle skyline from the park.

And crash!!! Our boy is wiped out!

14 September 2008

Celebrating Don's Birthday

Happy Birthday Don!! We stayed in last night for a quiet family celebration with yummy vegetarian Osso Buco :) and bakery chocolate cake.

Today was a beautiful day so we decided to hit the town. First we went to Seattle Town Hall to see one of mine (and Quinn's, I think) favorite children's singers Elizabeth Mitchell. We have one of her cd's that I sing to Quinn in the car. Here are the boys hanging out.

Here's Elizabeth Mitchell singing and Quinn dancing with a little bit of help.

Then we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo which is very close to Greenlake. There is a baby gorilla that was born just a couple of weeks after Quinn so we wanted to check him out. At one point he was making a little bit of a ruckus and the mama gorilla swooped him up and threw him on her back. Pretty funny! Here are some pics of the mama and baby.

Our little monkey was soooo excited, you wouldn't believe what he did....

OK, maybe you would believe what he did ;) Here are the guys at our first trip to the zoo.


Quinn and I started a new session of swim class on Thursday and I decided to try a new program. It's a Waterbabies class in Bellevue that is supposed to be more than singing in the water. The pool was nice and warm, which is new for us, and there were only 4 kids in the class. The last class we took in the Greenlake pool had about 20 kids with parents and the pool was so cold Quinn's lips turned blue by the end of the class. I wasn't so keen on a cold pool in November in Seattle. So far we like Waterbabies.

After class we walked accross the street to nice shady park for a little snack before heading home. Here's our boy hanging out...

11 September 2008

11 pics at 11 months

Quinn and I had a photo shoot today to celebrate his 11 month birthday. So in case you haven't seen enough of him lately, today you will get your fix!!! Notice the supreme concentration in the first shot with his tongue peaking out :)