The Family Album

by Amy, September 28, 2008
Corky and Meg are here visiting and yesteday we went downtown and checked out Pike Place Market and got some yummy gelato at Gelatoria (or something like that). Today Corky and Meg met Corky's first cousin Pete and his wife Emily for a Mariner's game. We didn't think Q would hold up too well sitting at the game so we decided to skip the game. Don and I met them downtown for dinner later. We were very surprised to see Corky's other first cousin Casey from the San Francisco area walk in to the restaurant. It was a great night and fun for all!

We started the day with some family pictures. The bravado begins!

Grampa and Gramma Meg

Kisses from Gramma Meg.

Here's a picture you don't see very often. Quinn with mom!

Our happy little family!

After we dropped Corky & Meg off at the game, we headed down the coast while Q took a long 2 hour nap. We don't see Mount Ranier very often because of the cloud cover but today we had some beautiful views.

Then we met the crew for dinner. Here's Q with Pete & Em's 18 year old daughter Tylor. Quinn was being passed around a bit and wasn't so sure he liked it.

And with Uncle Casey. The red beard was a little shocking for Quinn.

But once Don stepped in all was OK.

Tylor peaked her head in too.

And a quick video of the motley crew!

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