by Amy, September 22, 2008
Don has had a busy work weekend so we ended the weekend with dinner out and then some frozen yogurt. Quinn loved the FroYo but would make a very funny face with each bite he took -- we're not sure if it was the cold or the sour that was getting to him. I couldn't quite capture the face but here's a try.

Today Quinn climbed the stairs again -- I think this is his 3rd time up the stairs. He also stood unassisted for about 5 - 10 seconds. He wasn't really trying, he just had something in his hands so he let go of the chair. Our Mr. Q also gave Don the "more" sign (in sign language) to be thrown up in the air again and again. We've been working on the signs, especially at dinner, and "more" is one of the ones we use alot. He's also moving on from the 'ba, ba, ba' sounds to a "da, da, da". It would be really great if we were teaching him dada but we're working on papa.
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