09 September 2008

Our Huge Playdate

Once a month I attend a mom's support group for babies the same age as Quinn. It's a great way to bounce ideas off each other as we all seem to be going through just about the same thing. It's a drop-in, no reservation needed, kind of session and they just ask for donations. It's facilitated by an awesome semi-retired nurse who we all adore. Now that the summer is over there were lots of moms and babes -- maybe 25 moms and babes. For the kids it's just a huge playdate and Quinn always has a great time. It's 2 hours long so he's exhausted by the time we get in the car and is usually asleep within about 5 minutes. Here's Quinn having a good time.

And to give you an idea of the madness of all the moms and babes in the room, here's a short little video clip.

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