Quinn's First Birthday Party

by Amy, September 07, 2008
Quinn attended his first birthday party for a little friend, Matthew, who turned 1 today. He had lots of fun playing with Matthew's toys and checking out his gifts. The babies aren't really interacting yet at this age, but they love to grab each other and take each other's toys. They are very cute to watch.

Here's Quinn checking out Matthew on his new rocking horse. Matthew's grammy is an avid horsewoman so she's starting Matthew early.

Quinn got a chance to ride the horse too. Amanda is helping out.

Here are the boys, Q, Matthew, and Evan, who's mother is another member of our mom's group.

Quinn giving Matthew a gentle cheek rub.

Quinn's on the go. Do you see that tongue sticking out? This is a habit that he has inherited from Don, who's known to stick out his tongue to help him concentrate. Q just likes to leave it hanging out more often than not ;)

Once we got home it took a little while, but Q crashed nicely. How cute are those feet?

Sweet boy.

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