Winos We Three!

by Amy, September 02, 2008
Don has worked hard this weekend putting together all of our Ikea bookcases so we decided to take the day off and hit some local wineries. There is a small wine region about 20 miles NE of us so not too far away. Only the larger "corporate" wineries, which are usually a little touristy and kitchy, were open today. But we were pleasantly surprised and had a great time. First we stopped at Chateau St. Michelle which is widely known for their affordable Reisling, but they had quite a few other tasty wines.

Here's Don doing the snobby swirl

And our wine pourer gave Quinn a little red grape juice of his own. Quinn usually gets water, so this sweet purple stuff was pretty tasty.

Here we both are enjoying our purple juice, mama and baby style ;-)

TMQ was getting some tofu snacks in between snips but he calls it see-food.

After our tasting we went out on to their really beautiful grounds for a little picnic.

Here Don is feeding a duck that starting lurking around. Q wasn't so sure at first...

...but he decided he might give a chase.

That's our boy!

I guess if we keep feeding the duck, he's not going to leave us alone.

After Chateau St. Michelle we also visited Columbia Winery and Januik Winery. At Januik we were sitting by the fire with Quinn and a couple of ladies stopped by to coo over Quinn. They said everyone in the winery was admiring him!
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