30 October 2008

Fun in the Sun in Kauai

We arrived safe and sound in Kauai and are enjoying some R&R in this tropical paradise. On Sunday we enjoyed a great day on the beach. Quinn wasn't so sure about the ocean at first (it is a little chilly) but then warmed up to it and had fun playing in the water. Sunday night he had a fever and was up and miserable most of Sunday night. He still had a lingering cough and runny nose from his post-birthday flu. So Monday morning we took him to a local clinic and got him on some antibiotics and he was back to his happy self within 24 hours. Tuesday was a cloudy, rainy day so we drove around the island a little bit.

Here's a funny video of us lunching at Duke's Canoe Club in the pouring down rain. Can you see the guys on the boogie boards surfing on the grass?

Since Quinn was feeling better we got a babysitter for Tuesday night and enjoyed a nice adult night out. Quinn seemed to do fantastic with the sitter and was as happy as could be when we got home so we'll try it a couple more nights. Wednesday we had a great beach day. Don staked out a spot in the shade for us and it was a beautiful sunny day. Quinn had a great time splashing in the water and playing in the sand. The beach has a couple of rock barriers so the water is very calm and shallow -- probably 2 - 3 feet at it's deepest. As you might imagine it's pretty popular with the kiddos and their families. No snorkeling for us this year but we are having a great time playing with Quinn and relaxing.

Here's Quinn hanging out in the sand having a great time.

And catching a ride with Don on the boogie board.

And here are a couple of videos of him having some fun/

Here's Q at the pool for our post-ocean fresh water dip. We've been practicing his swim techniques in the pool to keep him sharp ;)

22 October 2008

Sleep where I Fall

These days it's hard to get Quinn to nap during the day because he's such a busy boy and there's so much of the world still undiscovered. This morning he woke up around 7:30 and still had not napped by around 2 pm. So I let him play in our bedroom while I read in the chair in the corner. All of a sudden it got very quiet (uh oh!) and this is what I found.

He was crawling accross the carpet and fell dead asleep in the doorway. Darwin's hanging out in the back ground because he doesn't like to cross over when Quinn is in the way. I think Darwin recognizes that he's at the bottom of the pack (good boy:).

Here you can see the carnage he left in his wake. We still have one upacked box in the bedroom that contains stuff that was in our dresser (which is now in the garage). Little did I know what a great source of entertainment it would be for Q. He loves to reach in to the box and see what he can find. As you can see, he found quite a few things.

And a rare picture of our camera shy boy.

20 October 2008

Quinn the Cruiser

Quinn can really cruise these days and here he is behind one of his push trucks. He gets a little momentum going but then things go south :(

16 October 2008

Little Tough Quinn

I haven't posted since the big birthday bash so I thought I would bring you up to date on our happenings. After having a great time at Q's bday party, Quinn, Don and I all came down with a cold/flu. Quinn started with a fever and runny nose and then had a couple of tough nights. So, we were all feeling pretty crummy and tired. At the same time we realized that Quinn has another tooth coming in on the bottom, hence the finger in the mouth at all times. But, we've had a couple of good nights of sleep and we're all feeling much better although we were very sad to put Gram on a plane home this morning. We will all miss having her around :(

This morning Quinn and I had our Waterbabies class and our Q is quite the superstar. He floats on his back with the greatest of ease (while I support his head). But it's a struggle to get the babes to relax enough to do this and Quinn does great. He also goes under water a bunch of times in each class. I wear my goggles so I go under with him to see his cute little face. Today he even went down a little slide in to the water. He has such a great time in class.

I was trying to get a pic of Q in his bday outfit and this is the best I could do. He looks pretty cute.

And here's our little tough guy hanging out with Grams.

10 October 2008

Party, Party, Party

Quinn's big birthday bash was the day after his birthday. He celebrated with about 8 of his little friends and their moms. What a fun, fun day!!!

Here's Quinn in his special little monkey outfit that I had made for his birthday.

Here I am with my birthday boy.

And Quinn enjoying his birthday cake.

And crawling through the tunnel.

And here are all of his little friends.

Amanda and Matthew

Andi and Evan

Anne and Vivien (Anne lives next door and Viv is about 6 weeks old)

Faye and Kaemon

Jess and Kieran

Jess was babysitting Mia for a friend and here she is with her hands full!

Julie and Grant (Julie lives a couple of doors down and was due a day after Anne. Grant is about 5 weeks old)

Kristin and Zach

Sarah and Elliott

Tiffin and Elan (Tiffin lives a couple of doors down too)

And what would we do without Papa!


Birthday Boy

OK, I can't believe that a year has passed since Quinn was born. One year ago today we went off to the hospital knowing we would return home with a special little boy, but we had no idea what a gift we were about to receive. It's been a truly an amazing year and no doubt the best year of my life. But enough sappy stuff...

Here's Q waking up on his birthday. We usually loll in bed for a little while before we get up but he is always so happy in the mornings.

We love monkeys in this house so Q had a very monkey birthday. You can see how much he loves his monkey cake. I made one big one for his party and a little one for him to smash on his birthday.

So a candle and some singing should make our birhday boy happy, right?

OK, how about some cake with chocolate frosting?

He didn't really eat much cake but he enoyed mushing it around. Then we opened some presents and Quinn again loved the mess!

At the park with Grams

These pics are from a couple of days ago. We enjoyed a walk around the lake, a stop at Starbucks, and then some fun at the playground.

05 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

We went pumpkin hunting the great pumpkin patch yesterday and picked out some good ones. Quinn was itching for a nap so we didn't get many smiles out of him but he's still the cutest punkin around!

Is he tall enough to pick?

He's sitting in a pile of red warty pumpkins.

Out in the pumpkin patch picking his favorites.

And here come the raspberries.

And who's the cutest pumpkin of them all.

Things were going south, so we pulled the keys out to keep our Q happy.

Hanging with Grams while Papa gets the pumpkins weighed and paid for.