10 October 2008

Birthday Boy

OK, I can't believe that a year has passed since Quinn was born. One year ago today we went off to the hospital knowing we would return home with a special little boy, but we had no idea what a gift we were about to receive. It's been a truly an amazing year and no doubt the best year of my life. But enough sappy stuff...

Here's Q waking up on his birthday. We usually loll in bed for a little while before we get up but he is always so happy in the mornings.

We love monkeys in this house so Q had a very monkey birthday. You can see how much he loves his monkey cake. I made one big one for his party and a little one for him to smash on his birthday.

So a candle and some singing should make our birhday boy happy, right?

OK, how about some cake with chocolate frosting?

He didn't really eat much cake but he enoyed mushing it around. Then we opened some presents and Quinn again loved the mess!

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