Day at the Zoo

by Amy, October 01, 2008
Today I met a handful of moms at the Woodland Park Zoo which is only about 2 miles from our house. Don and I got a yearly pass so that we can go whenever we want. It's a beautiful little zoo and they also have an indoor play area for the little ones. But it was another beautiful day in Seattle so we are soaking it up as long as wek can.

Here are some of the moms and babes hanging out.

Here's Quinn with his pal Kira. Kira has started walking and doesn't really enjoy being in her stroller.

And here's Quinn and Matthew. You may remember that Quinn attended Matthew's first birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Matthew is walking and gets around really well.

All the babes were pretty beat and started to get cranky so we headed for the cars. Quinn fell asleep on the way home and he was so tired I was able to get him from the car to the bed without waking, which is very unusual.
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