Fun in the Sun in Kauai

by Amy, October 30, 2008
We arrived safe and sound in Kauai and are enjoying some R&R in this tropical paradise. On Sunday we enjoyed a great day on the beach. Quinn wasn't so sure about the ocean at first (it is a little chilly) but then warmed up to it and had fun playing in the water. Sunday night he had a fever and was up and miserable most of Sunday night. He still had a lingering cough and runny nose from his post-birthday flu. So Monday morning we took him to a local clinic and got him on some antibiotics and he was back to his happy self within 24 hours. Tuesday was a cloudy, rainy day so we drove around the island a little bit.

Here's a funny video of us lunching at Duke's Canoe Club in the pouring down rain. Can you see the guys on the boogie boards surfing on the grass?

Since Quinn was feeling better we got a babysitter for Tuesday night and enjoyed a nice adult night out. Quinn seemed to do fantastic with the sitter and was as happy as could be when we got home so we'll try it a couple more nights. Wednesday we had a great beach day. Don staked out a spot in the shade for us and it was a beautiful sunny day. Quinn had a great time splashing in the water and playing in the sand. The beach has a couple of rock barriers so the water is very calm and shallow -- probably 2 - 3 feet at it's deepest. As you might imagine it's pretty popular with the kiddos and their families. No snorkeling for us this year but we are having a great time playing with Quinn and relaxing.

Here's Quinn hanging out in the sand having a great time.

And catching a ride with Don on the boogie board.

And here are a couple of videos of him having some fun/

Here's Q at the pool for our post-ocean fresh water dip. We've been practicing his swim techniques in the pool to keep him sharp ;)

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