Sleep where I Fall

by Amy, October 22, 2008
These days it's hard to get Quinn to nap during the day because he's such a busy boy and there's so much of the world still undiscovered. This morning he woke up around 7:30 and still had not napped by around 2 pm. So I let him play in our bedroom while I read in the chair in the corner. All of a sudden it got very quiet (uh oh!) and this is what I found.

He was crawling accross the carpet and fell dead asleep in the doorway. Darwin's hanging out in the back ground because he doesn't like to cross over when Quinn is in the way. I think Darwin recognizes that he's at the bottom of the pack (good boy:).

Here you can see the carnage he left in his wake. We still have one upacked box in the bedroom that contains stuff that was in our dresser (which is now in the garage). Little did I know what a great source of entertainment it would be for Q. He loves to reach in to the box and see what he can find. As you can see, he found quite a few things.

And a rare picture of our camera shy boy.

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