28 November 2008

Q Walks the dog

One of Quinn's favorite toys is a Snoopy dog that you pull along. It was a toy that Barbara saved from Don's childhood. Now that Quinn is upright, he has started walking his dog.

26 November 2008

Row, row, row your boat

Today we had our session at the community college that is part play time and part parent education. I know alot of the other moms from one of my other groups so it's fun to hang out and the college has a crazy great place for the kids to play. Quinn loves to move around the room and get in to all the fun stuff they have to play with.

Here are all the blonde haired boys doing some rowing. It was a very cute sight!

And here's Quinn and his buddy Jack who has a bit of a shiner. Jack was also a preterm baby and turned out almost as great as Quinn :)

Trip to Jersey

Let me start by saying I'm having problems formatting pics on the blog lately so they aren't always in the best order, like today.

But, here are some pics from our trip to Jersey. Quinn was an absolute superstar with everything we asked of him. Getting up at 5 am, flying for 6 hours, a 3 hour time change, and then 2 full days of looking at houses getting in and out of the car. Then a road trip to MD and back and the early, long trip home. He was a real trooper!!

Quinn clapped for the first time in the Newark Airport while we were having breakfast. He thought it was great and still does. It's so much fun to see his excitement as he learns new skills.

Here are a couple of pics from the trip (out of sequence).

Napping with his bum up in the air at the Hilton.

Doing the archer's pose (I think that's what it's called). A very common sleep position for newborns.

Having a chocolate chip cookie on the plane. He was digging it!!

And getting in to some trouble at the hotel. This might sound a little weird, but he's just like the foster dogs that we use to bring home. They would have to snif and search every corner of the house. Quinn is exactly that way in a new environment. We really didn't need toys because all the stuff in the hotel was plenty of amusement. As you can see, he loved opening and closing the drawers and climbing in to them.

Q Walks!!

We haven't been able to get any great videos of Quinn walking. It doesn't help that we try at night when he's getting tired.

This video is from tonight (11/25). Quinn can stand for long periods of time with no support and takes steps without our initiation. If you've been to our house, his favorite place is to walk from the chaise to his highchair so about 5 or 6 steps. He also loves pushing chairs around these days. Down the hall, in the kitchen, you name it. He can also walk holding on with just one hand -- so very cute!

13 November 2008

Quinn took 2 steps!!!

Quinn just took 2 steps!!! He was standing and I gave him the phone to hold on to. He held it without supporting himself on anything and then took two steps towards me! Wahoo and Boohoo all at the same time!!! Don and I had a little bet on when he is going to walk and I think Don's going to win. I think we're going to see some serious mobility in his near future.

In the meantime, here are some very cute pics I took of Quinn after his post-swimming lesson nap. You can see he's rocking some good bed head hair!

We're off to NJ on Friday morning for some neighborhood and house hunting, so no posts for a week or so.

11 November 2008

10 Fun Facts about Q

A couple of fun facts about Quinn.

1. I think his favorite food might be lasagna. Although we had polenta with mushrooms tonight and he thought it was pretty fantastic.

2. He knows a bunch of signs and will respond to them but will only make the "more" sign. Today we were at our monthly "support" group and he was accross the room. I made the "eat" sign and he came crawling over with a big smile on his face.

3. He has started feeding Darwin. The other night he held out a piece of pizza crust he was gnawing on for Darwin and Darwin wanted it but didn't take. Quinn held it out again about a minute later but this time much lower and Darwin didn't pass it up a second time. Needless to say, Darwin hangs around the table at dinner time. I've heard that dogs start to put on weight when babies reach this age :)

4. Quinn has learned to blow a whistle that is on his keychain. It's very cute!

5. Quinn likes to get off the bed by himself. He turns on his tummy and then grabs the sheets for dear life and slides down.

6. Our current favorite nicknames for Quinn: BabyCakes, Mr. Cakes, Mister Mister, Quinn-jamin (kinda like Benjamin), Quinn-ja-Boo-Boo (so silly), Boo Boo, and, of course, The Mighty Quinn.

7. He loves to walk behind his push walker. He'll chatter away and laugh and have a great time while he's pushing it.

8. He has learned to open doors (uh oh!). The other night he opened the door to the hall closet.

9. Quinn has been putting stuff to his ear for a while. The other day he picked up a play phone, put it to his ear, and started "talking". The phone is one of his favorite things.

10. Quinn loves to drink from mom's cup and always makes a face because it's sparkling water. He also loves taking bites of mom's food.

Odds and Ends

I haven't been taking too many photos lately but snuck a couple yesterday and today. Quinn is really on the go and can walk around holding on to the bed, cabinet, couch, etc. Today he decided to help rearrange the closet for me. Check it out.

And this is the look he gave me when I asked if he saw the tornado that whipped through the closet.

Darwin pretended not to know what happened either.

Later we were checking messages on the answering machine and there was one from Grams that we missed because the ringer is turned off upstairs and I couldn't hear the phone ring over the tornado. It was funny because he kept hitting play and listened to the message about 5 times.

And here's Quinn staying busy in the kitchen.

04 November 2008

More fun playing in the surf, sand, and pool.

Postcard from Kauai - Part 1

Here are more photos from our trip. They are in no particular order.

Here's the view from our balcony.

And the happy family at our favorite keiki beach at Poipu Beach Park. We loved this beach so much that we didn't even try any others. There was plenty of shade, calm water, and within walking distance of our condo.

Having a good time splashing with Don.

Catching a wave on the boogie board.

Don and Quinn overlooking a blow hole.

Quinn asleep at the pool. We got Quinn down for a nap on one of the lounge chairs and then it started to pour down rain. We decided to ride out the rain and not risk waking Q by moving him. Quinn ended up sleeping a couple of hours and it rained the whole time. He was under an umbrella and about 4 towels rigged in various ways to keep him dry.

Our boy had some good naps at the beach.

We have lots of shots of him hanging out in the water.

Back to the Rain

Fall has definitely arrived in Seattle and today was a cool rainy day. Quinn and I took a walk around the lake with some of the other brave souls. There were a handful of moms with strollers, people walking dogs, and the usual runners. If you can believe it, Quinn slept from 9 pm last night until noon today!!! He must have had some making up to do. We went for a walk around 2 pm and he fell asleep on the walk. I guess he had lots of making up to do.

Here's Quinn all bundled up taking his nap.

And here's a big smile later in the walk.

Most of the trees have lost their leaves but this one is just on fire.