10 Fun Facts about Q

by Amy, November 11, 2008
A couple of fun facts about Quinn.

1. I think his favorite food might be lasagna. Although we had polenta with mushrooms tonight and he thought it was pretty fantastic.

2. He knows a bunch of signs and will respond to them but will only make the "more" sign. Today we were at our monthly "support" group and he was accross the room. I made the "eat" sign and he came crawling over with a big smile on his face.

3. He has started feeding Darwin. The other night he held out a piece of pizza crust he was gnawing on for Darwin and Darwin wanted it but didn't take. Quinn held it out again about a minute later but this time much lower and Darwin didn't pass it up a second time. Needless to say, Darwin hangs around the table at dinner time. I've heard that dogs start to put on weight when babies reach this age :)

4. Quinn has learned to blow a whistle that is on his keychain. It's very cute!

5. Quinn likes to get off the bed by himself. He turns on his tummy and then grabs the sheets for dear life and slides down.

6. Our current favorite nicknames for Quinn: BabyCakes, Mr. Cakes, Mister Mister, Quinn-jamin (kinda like Benjamin), Quinn-ja-Boo-Boo (so silly), Boo Boo, and, of course, The Mighty Quinn.

7. He loves to walk behind his push walker. He'll chatter away and laugh and have a great time while he's pushing it.

8. He has learned to open doors (uh oh!). The other night he opened the door to the hall closet.

9. Quinn has been putting stuff to his ear for a while. The other day he picked up a play phone, put it to his ear, and started "talking". The phone is one of his favorite things.

10. Quinn loves to drink from mom's cup and always makes a face because it's sparkling water. He also loves taking bites of mom's food.
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