26 November 2008

Trip to Jersey

Let me start by saying I'm having problems formatting pics on the blog lately so they aren't always in the best order, like today.

But, here are some pics from our trip to Jersey. Quinn was an absolute superstar with everything we asked of him. Getting up at 5 am, flying for 6 hours, a 3 hour time change, and then 2 full days of looking at houses getting in and out of the car. Then a road trip to MD and back and the early, long trip home. He was a real trooper!!

Quinn clapped for the first time in the Newark Airport while we were having breakfast. He thought it was great and still does. It's so much fun to see his excitement as he learns new skills.

Here are a couple of pics from the trip (out of sequence).

Napping with his bum up in the air at the Hilton.

Doing the archer's pose (I think that's what it's called). A very common sleep position for newborns.

Having a chocolate chip cookie on the plane. He was digging it!!

And getting in to some trouble at the hotel. This might sound a little weird, but he's just like the foster dogs that we use to bring home. They would have to snif and search every corner of the house. Quinn is exactly that way in a new environment. We really didn't need toys because all the stuff in the hotel was plenty of amusement. As you can see, he loved opening and closing the drawers and climbing in to them.

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