31 December 2008

Walker: Texas Ranger

That's what Don like to call Quinn now that's he really starting to walk. Another popular knickname is Christopher (Walken). Quinn has also become a little bookworm and loves to have us read books to him. Some of his favorites are Insects (a xmas present from Grams), Animal Sounds (especially when Don makes the sounds), Ten Naughty Little Monkeys, Peek A Zoo, Peek A Who, and on and on. Books with flaps, things to pull and tear off ;), and things to touch are a bit hit. It's great that he's so interested in books now.

Here's a video I got of Quinn chasing me through the kitchen tonight.

And here he is looking Mighty Qute!

28 December 2008

Fun at the Pacific Science Center

We had a great day at Seattle's Pacific Science Center today. Our main purpose of going was to see Lucy, which is a 3.2 million year old humanid fossil discovered in Ethiopia. It was fascinating and a great exhibit. But, there was lots more fun to be had as the Science Center has a great kids section. We spend quite a bit of time hanging out in the tot lot checking out all the exhibits and having some fun.

Here we are checking out the tidal pool. There were lots of starfish, anenomes (sp?), and hermit crabs to touch and pick up. Quinn loves getting his hands wet. You can also check out his new, very cute Christmas outfit.

Then we moved on to the little car with lots of buttons to push and a steering wheel. Oh what fun!

Peek-a-Boo! I see Quinn crawling through the house!

I think this house is a little to small for Don, but Quinn's having a great time.
And Don and Quinn checking out Drake's equation.

After all that fun, we headed to a place called Serious Pie for some seriously good pizza. I especially loved the Chanterelle Mushroom and Truffle Cheese Pizza -- yummy!!! It was a great day spent with my guys.
(another good thing about today was that our street was finally plowed (a week after the first snow) and the temp was pretty warm so most of the snow is gone)

26 December 2008

Christmas Videos

Here's Quinn hanging out on Christmas day.

And here he is playing some mean hoops.

Merry Christmas from Santa's Lil Helper!

Merry Christmas!! We had a quite, white Christmas at the Seattle White House. We all slept in until about 10 am, had some breakfast, and then dug in to the Christmas loot.

Here's Quinn standing in front of our make-shift Christmas tree which I got at a craft fair in Frederick MD about 10 years ago. I've strung it with lights and garland to spruce it up.

Quinn had some fun opening the presents, although he needed a little help getting them started.

Sitting among the Christmas mess.

Hanging out by the fire.

Shooting some hoops with his new basketball hoop from Grampa and Gramma.

After all that tiring work, Quinn went down for a nap and Don and I poured ourselves a nice rum-fortified eggnog and cuddled up to get caught up with Lost Season 4 DVD's. It was a great Christmas and although we would always rather be with family, we really enjoyed a quiet Christmas with our little family :)

24 December 2008

Snowy Scenes

Here's a snowy scene of our street with the Seattle skyline in the background. We are expecting more snow/rain over the next couple of days. Hopefully it gets warm enough to melt some of this snow because we have a house to sell!!!

We were a little stir crazy today so we went for a walk by the lake down to Starbucks. The path around the lake was packed snow and a bit slippery but it was great to be outside getting a little exercise. Here's a boring video of us walking back from the lake.

One Happy Baby

Quinn and Don have been having a great time since we've been snowed in. Don worked from home Monday and Tuesday and has the rest of the week off. Quinn really enjoys all of the physical guy stuff that he and Don share. One of his new favorites is this crazy swing. No matter what Quinn's mood, the swing makes him very happy. Warning: this may not be suitable content for sensitive Grandma's ;>)

And here is Quinn in a fit of laughter watching Don put a ball in his mouth and spit it out. My guys are having so much fun!!

19 December 2008

We woke up Wednesday morning to a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it just kept on falling. Seattle rarely gets snow so this was quite unsual. After breakfast and a good morning nap, we bundled up and headed out in to the white wonderland.

Here's the michelin man all bundled up with multiple, multiple layers. He's looking a little stiff, isn't he?

And Quinn's first time in the snow!! To be honest, he wasn't too crazy about sitting in this cold stuff.

Then we switched gears and got out the wagon and did some rides up and down the driveway. I think he's enjoying this a little more.

Olive Fingers

This seems to be a right of passage for children. When eating olives, you must put them on the end of your finger! Quinn caught on to this much earlier than I expected and has become quite the black olive eater.

18 December 2008

Mall Walking

When we were in Maryland we did a little christmas shopping at the Columbia Mall. We had been there a while and Quinn was getting restless from sitting in his stroller. I pulled him out and he pushed the stroller from one end of the mall to the other. Here's a little bit of his mall walking.

Da Bears

Here are some shots of Quinn in his Bears onesie. He's looking pretty cute, if I say so myself.

Love that morning hair!!

One of his favorite activities is to hit that little green power button on the computer.

Odds and Ends

I haven't posted in a while and have an assortment of pictures from the last 2 weeks or so. Quinn has learned some great tricks lately. He has started waving hello and bye, but it's usually a little delayed. So if you wave hello, he'll wait about a minute before he waves back. Quinn did the sign for nursing and now uses it pretty consistently. It's great because he usually only wants to nurse when he's sleepy so it's a good indication that it's time for a nap or bed. He continues to work on his walking. He loves to push things around, chairs and his highchair are his current favorite things to push. Here are some pics of our cutie.

A little pre-dinner nap with and on papa.

Here we are on the way to NJ. Quinn's jammin out with the headphones and anticipating the flash.

Looking handsome in his UVA/Bears colors at Grams house.

We're back in Seattle and I was busy doing laundry upstairs. It was awfully quiet for some time so I went to check and see what was going on. Like all kids, Mr. Mischief loves unrolling the TP.