28 December 2008

Fun at the Pacific Science Center

We had a great day at Seattle's Pacific Science Center today. Our main purpose of going was to see Lucy, which is a 3.2 million year old humanid fossil discovered in Ethiopia. It was fascinating and a great exhibit. But, there was lots more fun to be had as the Science Center has a great kids section. We spend quite a bit of time hanging out in the tot lot checking out all the exhibits and having some fun.

Here we are checking out the tidal pool. There were lots of starfish, anenomes (sp?), and hermit crabs to touch and pick up. Quinn loves getting his hands wet. You can also check out his new, very cute Christmas outfit.

Then we moved on to the little car with lots of buttons to push and a steering wheel. Oh what fun!

Peek-a-Boo! I see Quinn crawling through the house!

I think this house is a little to small for Don, but Quinn's having a great time.
And Don and Quinn checking out Drake's equation.

After all that fun, we headed to a place called Serious Pie for some seriously good pizza. I especially loved the Chanterelle Mushroom and Truffle Cheese Pizza -- yummy!!! It was a great day spent with my guys.
(another good thing about today was that our street was finally plowed (a week after the first snow) and the temp was pretty warm so most of the snow is gone)

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