16 January 2009

At the Aquarium

On Thursday we met our buddies Stella and Kira at the Aquarium (for our first visit). Thursday was a special Toddler's Day so they had lots of activities for the young ones. We had a great time checking out the Toddler's Activity Room with stuffed aquatic animals, lots of books, and quite a bit of other stuff to get in to. Quinn was mesmerized by the tunnel of jellyfish. There were lights behind the glass so you got to see right through the jelly fish. And of course we had lots of fun getting our hands in the water and touching the seastars and anenomes.
Here's a not so great picture of Quinn and Kira having some fun in front of the Windows on Washington Waters. It's a huge tank with all local sealife and they pump in water from the Puget Sound. And actually, the water is about as clear as this picture :)

We hung around for a special toddler's dive show in the Washington Waters exhibit. Here's Quinn and I with the diver in the background.

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