Children's Museum

by Amy, January 07, 2009
Today my friend Jesse and her son Kieran treated Quinn and I to some fun at Seattle's Childrens Museum. There was lots of stuff to do for kids of all ages. I can't believe I'm just now finding out about this great place.

We started off in the toddler room where there was a water table which kept the boys occupied for quite some time. They were having so much fun -- Quinn was busy splashing everyone and Kieran was taking boat loads of water and pouring it everwhere! Fun, fun!

And here's Quinn having some fun on the soft play structures.

Then we headed off to the big kids room where the current theme was Mr. Potato Head in Space :) Kieran found this great truck to drive and Quinn hopped on board for the ride. Quinn's talking in to the CB radio while Kieran says 10-4 buddy.

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