07 January 2009

My Kitchen Helper

Quinn and I made some Oatmeal cookies today for our bedtime snack. I measured out all the ingredients and Quinn helped turn the mixer on and off and on and off and on and off.... The cookies turned out great and I think Quinn enjoyed his first cooking experience with his chef mom.

While I was cleaning up the kitchen, Quinn was rustling through the drawers and looking for hidden treasures. He was spending a bit of time over near the trash can and I glanced over and he was trying to get a large lid to a pot in the trash can. Well, I guess he had been at it a while because I found another lid, a ladle, a box of sugar, and a jar of Nutella (ahhhh!) in the trash. It is pretty amazing where I find stuff these days.

(And needless to say I'm still having formatting problems that I can't seem to fix. Ughhh!)

1 comment:

MamaJess said...

OMG!!! All those treasures that YOU found in the trash!!! Absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!