Saying Goodbye to my Mom Friends :(

by Amy, January 26, 2009
Last week my mom's group had a farewell playdate for Quinn and I at a local community center. I met alot of the mom's in this group in my first couple of weeks in Seattle so Quinn has known these kids since he was about 5 -6 months old. The kids are all a similar age so we got to see them start to crawl, take their first steps, celebrate first birthdays, etc. This great group of moms and kids will be one thing I will miss most in Seattle.

Here's Quinn having fun in the playhouse.

And here's Quinn with his buddy Kieran. The push lawnmower's are a favorite for Quinn and his buddies.

Here's Quinn doing a little work on the lawnmower.
And Shosonna and Spinoza reading a book.
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