28 February 2009

He Dances and Scores Touchdowns!

Here are a couple of videos clipped together. As you can see, Quinn has learned to dance and thinks it's great fun. He also loves to dance in his high chair, which we call "chair dancing". Something Don was famous for in his Chevy Chase Bank days. Then you'll see Quinn and Don playing the touchdown game. The things these boys come up with....

Family Swim

Don and I recently joined a gym with a pool and every Saturday and Sunday there is a family swim in the afternoon. Today we took Quinn and he had the best time! He really takes to the water and has so much fun. When we got home he found Don's goggles in his gym bag.

This isn't the best shot of TMQ but gives you a good look at all of his teeth. I think he has 6 on top and 6 on the bottom.

When in NJ...

...one must eat tomato pie and ziti with gravy! We've found a great little italian restaurant up the street that makes a great tomato pie (cheese pizza) and eggplant parmesan with ziti. Quinn loves his carbs and any type of pasta. He can really shovel in the ziti. Here are some shots of him after dinner. He also loves to drink out of a cup so we found this plastic mug that is the perfect size. Some of you may recognize this mug, although beer would have been the appropriate filler.

24 February 2009

In the Pantry

Oh how TMQ loves to get in to the kitchen cabinets. The pantry is one of his favorites and the pull out shelves make it quite convenient for him to get in to just about everything.

This is how the kitchen normally looks.
The previous owners of the house installed this humungous fridge/freezer. The fridge is a pretty normal size but the freezer is much larger than your usual freezer. We have it about 1/10 full, maybe.

Chips Ahoy!

I did some grocery shopping at Whole Foods after the gym this morning and Quinn was nearing the end of his patience. He was doing a bit of fussing during check out so the checker gave him a small bag of chocolate chip cookies which improved his mood.

Here he is double fisting his cookies.

And a little smidgen' of chocolate on the face.

Even more chocolate on the face by the time we got home. He's so cute you could lick him ;)

21 February 2009

Out for Dessert

After a long, hard day of working around the house we went out to our new favorite pizza joint, Emma's Brick Oven Pizza. It has great thin crust pizza and lots of loud kids, so we fit right in. Most of the restaurants in our area are byob so we carry in our own bottle of wine. The whole family is happy. The down side is that their desserts aren't so great. After dinner tonight we headed to downtown Westfield for some coffee and dessert and stumbled upon an italian style bakery called Bavella's with lots and lots of sweets. Yum yum!!! I had a St. Joseph which was similar to an eclair and Don has a chocolate eclair. The perfect ending!

Here are some pics of the little guy at the pastry shop. He just got a new pair of Puma's so I thought I would include a shot of his hot shoes. In the last shot I was outside looking in.

Playing around the House

This morning Quinn hung out in his pajamas and had some fun playing around the house. Don spent the day putting in a new closet organization in the master bedroom so I chased Quinn around with a camera and video camera.

Here he is haning out in the playroom. It is painted a bright, sunny yellow.

Here's a video of Q and I having some fun with remote control car he got for Christmas. In the last bit of the video he is finally dresssed for the day and is pulling around a xylophone that used to be Don's. Cool Cuz Alex was kind enough to label all of the notes for Quinn :)

15 February 2009

Quinn's First Haircut

Quinn doesn't have alot of hair but it was a good inch or so below his ears and down his neck. I've been putting it off for a while (mostly out of laziness) but decided to get to chopping today.

Here he is before his haircut. He went to bed with a wet head last night so his hair was a little wacky today.

And what does he think of his haircut? Hmmm, maybe not so happy. But he sure looks boyishly cute ;)

The smiles came a little later (and a little blurry).

And and action shot of Quinn giving me a round of applause.

And you have to save the trimmings.

12 February 2009

Fun Around the House

Here's some video of Quinn having fun around the (Seattle) house. Don taught him how to kick a ball which he thinks is great fun. A couple of other cute little clips too.

Every kid needs to try on his papa's shoes. Here's Quinn giving it a go. Nothing like red pajamas and black dress shoes.

09 February 2009

Q's Antics

Ever since Quinn discovered the step stool when we were moving out in Seattle, he has found the love of climing. Today he climbed up on this car a handful of times and also fell off it a couple of times. After a good cry, he was climbing right back up on it. He has been in to absolutely everything in the new house and seems to have new skills to pull stuff off of counters. I think our new kitchen counters are a couple of inches lower because he just grabs everything off the counters. He has turned in to a one-man-wrecking-crew.

He has started using a fork to eat and he thinks it's great fun to stab his food and get it in his mouth. We've been using a regular dinner fork and just got him a toddler size and now he eats almost as fast as Don. He can really shovel it in and it appears that everything tastes better when it's eaten from a fork.

Out and About

We enough of unpacking today and the weather had warmed up so we took a walk down to a small park a couple of minutes from the house. We all enjoyed a little bit of time outside of the house getting some fresh air. There are a couple of play structures. The one in the picture below is for bigger kids and there's a smaller structure for kids Q's age. Darwin enjoyed a little bit of time out of the house too. After the park, we took a walk around the block and checked out some of our neighbors (who we haven't met yet).

Greetings from New Jersey

We have arrived in New Jersey with a heavy heart missing Seattle. But all of our boxes have arrived and the move-in begins.

Here were our sleeping accomodations for three nights. We were happy to see our king size mattress.

Our new house.

Quinn walking the halls.

The moving truck. On this one truck were all of our household goods, Don's car, and a couple of additional loads for other people.

Our red family room. The 2 chairs got us through for 3 days.

We can't say we're really happy to be in NJ but we're settling in to the new house and getting adjusted. At some point we've agreed that we will do a brain switch and move on with a more positive attitude.

Leaving Seattle

We loved our 9 months in Seattle and thoroughly enjoyed our last couple of days there. Here are some pics from our remaining time there.
We had a step ladder out and Quinn thought it was great fun to climb up, down, up, down, up down (repeat about 50 more times). You can see that he's looking pretty proud of himself.

Our last morning in Seattle with his bum high up in the air.

Our last walk down to Greenlake :(
Here's the kitchen all packed up and ready to go. We had a great moving crew. They were very nice, hard working, and worked around our schedule with Quinn.