09 February 2009

Q's Antics

Ever since Quinn discovered the step stool when we were moving out in Seattle, he has found the love of climing. Today he climbed up on this car a handful of times and also fell off it a couple of times. After a good cry, he was climbing right back up on it. He has been in to absolutely everything in the new house and seems to have new skills to pull stuff off of counters. I think our new kitchen counters are a couple of inches lower because he just grabs everything off the counters. He has turned in to a one-man-wrecking-crew.

He has started using a fork to eat and he thinks it's great fun to stab his food and get it in his mouth. We've been using a regular dinner fork and just got him a toddler size and now he eats almost as fast as Don. He can really shovel it in and it appears that everything tastes better when it's eaten from a fork.

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