25 March 2009

Quinn and I met our new friend Robin and her sons Jasper and Milo at Tamaques Park in Westfield for some outdoor playtime. Jasper is 4 years old and Milo 13 months. We hope that one day Milo and Quinn will be great play buddies. The sun was shining nice and bright but the breeze made it a bit chilly. (Once again, the formatting on my blog isn't working well, so excuse the weirdness.)
Here's a scenic pic of the park.
And Quinn crossing the bridge.

Trying to climb through the fence.

Quinn and Jasper.

24 March 2009

Working the Blackberry

You know how Quinn loves his techie toys. Well, Don found an older, discarded Blackberry at work and brought it home so that Q could have his own Blackberry to stay in touch with all his pals. Here he is ready to go out while staying connected.

And a smart techie dude wouldn't go anywhere without his HP 12C calculator. Here he is figuring out our new mortgage payment while checking messages on his blackberry. A chip off the ol' block :)

14 March 2009

Good Morning Retrospective

I was organizing video files yesterday morning and was getting nostalgic about when Q was just a baby ;) I ran across some video of Quinn waking up from about a year ago and thought I would take you down memory lane. It's hard to believe that a year ago we were living in California. Moorpark seems like a very long time ago. I'm still working on my video editing skills so forgive my clumsiness. Enjoy!

Quinn's Well Baby Visit

We found a new pediatrician in town who turns out to be very sweet and gentle. I thought I would pass along Quinn's new stats :) (His stats from his Nov 08 visit are in parentheses.)

Height: 33" -- 90th % (31 1/2")
Weight: 24 lb 4 oz -- 40th % (22 lb 8 oz)
Head Circumfrence: 19 1/2 " -- 90th % (17 1/2")

It's funny to think that his head is as big around now as he was long when he was born.

Quinn still has very few words. He mimics words/sounds that we make when we read him books (boo, who, la-la-la, wee-wee-wee, etc). But he comprehends very well and follows instructions. He can pick out the right book if we make the sound associated with the book. If I ask him if he wants a snack, he'll do the sign for "eat" and then run to the refrigerator. The dr. recommended we get a hearing test and if everything comes back normal then give him until he's 2 to develop his language. We know he's brilliant, so no need to worry ;)

11 March 2009

Tonka Fun

I thought it was about time Quinn got his first Tonka truck -- doesn't every little boy need a Tonka truck? Here he is having some fun with it. The wheels make a rumbling sound when it moves so Quinn loves pushing it around. And you can see that Darwin retreated as soon as he saw the camera -- he's so camera shy.

10 March 2009

Q is Hilarious!

Quinn was his usual mischievous self after dinner tonight and was getting in to all the kitchen cabinets. He especially loves the cabinet under the sink with all the spray bottles. Good thing we're a non-toxic cleaning kind of home. So Quinn comes around the corner and this is what I see. ROTFLMAO!!!! I asked Don if he had hung the bottle off Q's butt but he had not. Quinn had managed this look all by himself! He thought it was pretty funny too and was running circles around the house!

08 March 2009

Dumpster Diver

This afternoon Quinn was an especially busy boy getting in to everything. He emptied many of the kitchen cabinets and then headed for the pantry. He found a box of cereal and pulled the bag out from the box. He then grazed on the cereal as he carried the bag around the house, offering both Don and I a rice puff here or a corn puff there. When dinner rolled around, there were only crumbs left in the bag so I threw it away. Well after dinner Quinn was back to investigating all the cabinets and next thing I knew he had pulled the cereal bag out of the trash and was back to nibbling. Here he is with his dumpster diving booty.

It's 70 degrees!

We had such a warm day in Westfield on Saturday that we headed to the playground up the street. Grams was here visiting so we had a great time. Quinn loves the sliding board, climbing up the stairs, swinging, and running (and falling) through the soccer field. Here are some pics of Mr. Amazing at the playground.