Quinn's Well Baby Visit

by Amy, March 14, 2009
We found a new pediatrician in town who turns out to be very sweet and gentle. I thought I would pass along Quinn's new stats :) (His stats from his Nov 08 visit are in parentheses.)

Height: 33" -- 90th % (31 1/2")
Weight: 24 lb 4 oz -- 40th % (22 lb 8 oz)
Head Circumfrence: 19 1/2 " -- 90th % (17 1/2")

It's funny to think that his head is as big around now as he was long when he was born.

Quinn still has very few words. He mimics words/sounds that we make when we read him books (boo, who, la-la-la, wee-wee-wee, etc). But he comprehends very well and follows instructions. He can pick out the right book if we make the sound associated with the book. If I ask him if he wants a snack, he'll do the sign for "eat" and then run to the refrigerator. The dr. recommended we get a hearing test and if everything comes back normal then give him until he's 2 to develop his language. We know he's brilliant, so no need to worry ;)
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