27 April 2009

Helping Mama make Dinner

Quinn loves to hang around the kitchen with me while I get dinner together and he'll frequently sit on the island and help me prep. This night we were having a spagetti pie.
Quinn helped me tear up the basil and is showing me his handy work.
Oh and how Quinn loves to whisk! He's whisking up the eggs for me, but anything in a bowl with a whisk and he's happy.

Look at that wrist action. He's a culinary superstar!
Last we chopped up the fresh mozzarella. The best thing about making dinner is the chef's treat!

Westfield Spring Fling

On Sunday downtown Westfield closes the streets to traffic for Spring Fling! The streets were filled with merchants and food vendors (Don recognized a couple of them from Rutgers Day). There were lots of activities for the kids, music, and lots of people. It was another hot day in NJ but we enjoyed getting out and about. We walked there from our house -- it's about a 1 mile walk.

Here's Quinn checking out the ponies.

And staying cool with his Starbucks ;)

Rutgers Day

We got out and about this weekend and checked out Rutgers Day at Rutgers State University which is about a 30 minute drive from Westfield. There were a bunch of festivities going on at the university -- Rutgers Day (mostly for prospective students), Folk Festival, and Ag Field Day. We decided to check out Ag Field Day. There was lots to do and there were lots of people there on a very hot NJ day.
Here's Don and Quinn hanging out waiting for an a cappella group to perform.

The lines for food were very long and the veggie options were few and far between. I got us all some lemonade and Quinn some corn while Don waited in line for veggie burgers. Quinn loves his corn!

18 April 2009

Westfield Pool

I've been told by some of the Westfield mom's that the Westfield public pool is fantastic. The kiddie area has fountains, slides, and a couple of pools. Sounds right up our alley. The catch is that if you are a new member, you have to sign up in person at the recreation office starting at 8 am this morning. We were warned that you need to be there early so Don got there at 1:30 am and was about 70th in line. When I got there around 7:30 am with Quinn there were probably 1000 people in line. The pool has 9400 memberships and about 500 were available this year. So, unless you were there by about 3 or 4 am, you were out of luck. The first people showed up at 10 am and camped out in a tent. Don just happened to be sitting 2 people away from one of my friends. We are looking forward to a fun summer at the pool!!!

Orange Shorts

We have a great affection for orange in this household so I couldn't pass up a pair of orange shorts for Quinn at the outlet store. We continued our great day at the neighborhood playground and got some shots of Quinn sporting his orange shorts.

Can you read the sign in the background? "Unsafe Do Not Use" Whoops! Actually that was just for the slide.
And Quinn continues his dirt digging day.

Playing in the Dirt

Today we had our first really beautiful day in NJ with temperatures in the low 70's. So we made the best of it and headed outside. I had some hostas to transplant that I had dug up from mom's house. Quinn was having a great time playing in the dirt and using the shovel. He even pulled up a couple of the hostas that I had just planted. It was all fun!

Here I am spying on Quinn and Darwin from behind the cherry tree.

No day would be complete without eating a little dirt. Quinn also has a little boo-boo on his chin from scratching it in the garage yesterday.

And look at this fantastic bed head ;)

It's too quiet

As a mom, I always have my ears open to hear what Quinn is in too. You know something is wrong when it's really quiet. This is what I stumbled upon....

The sun was shining on him from the skylight above and he got this great big smile. How can you be angry at that face?

Quinn loves Jazz

Jazz is the neighborhood cat at Grams house. He was hanging around the garage so we thought we would give Quinn his first up close and personal encounter with a cat. He thought Jazzy was pretty great.

A little later, I was rubbing Jazz's tummy and thought I would check to see if she had claws. Apprently Jazzy has a bit of a foot fetish because she bit and scratched me pretty badly. I survived.

Odds and Ends from Easter

On Easter we all went out to brunch. We let Quinn loose on the chocolate fountain lol. Not really, but he enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries.
I couldn't believe that Grams is already putting Quinn to work mowing the lawn. But he loves to ride his John Deere.
It's amazing the things that kids zoom in on. We were walking around the mall and Quinn found a public phone just about his height. Smart boy checking for change :)

Quinn's Future Wife

While in Maryland over Easter weekend, we had lunch with Tim & Stacey. For all those inquiring family members, here are some shots of Quinn and our future daughter-in-law Sullivan. However, Don is a little worried because Sullivan kept referring to Quinn as her little brother. Next it will be "I just want to be friends".

Easter Best

I took some pictures of Quinn for easter for the grandparents in easter egg colored outfit. Here he is hanging out in the tree.

And this is face gets Grams every time!
And our little monkey likes to hang! Here he is hanging out on our swingset in the back yard.

09 April 2009

Peek A Belly

It was a beautiful day in NJ today so we got in some good playtime outside. We came in for lunch and a nap but Quinn was still eyeing his swing set in the back yard. Here's the little fellow with his belly peeking out.

06 April 2009

Barf Bucket

Quinn was pretty frisky tonight and having a good time just feeling better. We had a tupperware container that we kept nearby just in case Quinn needed to throw up. It was on the end table and Don picked it up and made a comment about the "barf bucket". Quinn took it from Don and pretended to throw up in it sticking his tongue way out. It was just too funny for words. Here's Quinn doing a re-enactment for the camera.


Our first day in 9 days with no vomit!!!! Quinn started the day attached to my hip but slowly started to return to his funny little self as the day went on. By the time Don got home Quinn was sitting on the kitchen island sorting yogurt covered raisins between bowls. He didn't eat alot today, but enough. And no vomit...ahhh!!!

He took it upon himself to open the refrigerator and get his papa a beer. What more could you ask for! Now that's one smart little boy!

Looking adorable!

03 April 2009

Sick Day - Fun in the Sink

To add a little more fun to our sick day, I let Quinn go to town in the kitchen sink. Here he is having a bit of fun.

Sick Day

It seems like every since we moved to NJ Quinn has been sick. He's had a cold on and off for about 6 weeks with a runny nose and cough. We took him to the dr's to get him on antibiotics and instead he came home with a very nasty stomach virus. We are now on our 7th day of vomiting and diarrhea. It's a good thing we're still nursing because that's where Quinn's getting almost all of his calories these days. Today was a rainy day and Quinn just wanted to sit on my lap and nap and nurse. We had a couple of moments of productivity putting together some new furniture -- but Quinn prefers to use it as a step stool or a chair.

Hanging with Aunt Pam

Quinn had a great time visiting with Grams and Aunt Pam for a couple of days last week. We had a nice sunny day to get outside and enjoy that backyard swing -- love the hair!