Westfield Pool

by Amy, April 18, 2009
I've been told by some of the Westfield mom's that the Westfield public pool is fantastic. The kiddie area has fountains, slides, and a couple of pools. Sounds right up our alley. The catch is that if you are a new member, you have to sign up in person at the recreation office starting at 8 am this morning. We were warned that you need to be there early so Don got there at 1:30 am and was about 70th in line. When I got there around 7:30 am with Quinn there were probably 1000 people in line. The pool has 9400 memberships and about 500 were available this year. So, unless you were there by about 3 or 4 am, you were out of luck. The first people showed up at 10 am and camped out in a tent. Don just happened to be sitting 2 people away from one of my friends. We are looking forward to a fun summer at the pool!!!
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