20 May 2009

Quinn's Vocabulary

Both Don and I noticed that Quinn's vocabulary really blossomed last week while we were in St. John. I think it was great to have Don around 24/7 and also all the new stimulation where ever Quinn turned. Tonight I was updating my journal and we started writing down the words Quinn knows.

Here are the spoken words that Quinn uses on a regular basis: up (his favorite), mama, mommy, papa, buddy, ball, beer, pillow, burp ;), book, Don, shoes, one, juice, eat, me, I, nose, high five (just yesterday!), pee pee, bye bye, and mighty (more on this later). I'm sure we've forgotten a bunch too. He also knows lots of animal sounds: meow, woof, quack, baaa, hee-haw, moo, bwak (like a chicken), wee-wee, chirp chirp, neigh.

Signs that Quinn uses regularly are nurse, up, down, book, help, eat, drink, more, brushing teeth, bath, toilet, dog. He's learning them as fast as we can teach them.

Don has always called Quinn "Mighty" and lately Don has been saying Mighty and pounding his own chest. Quinn has picked up on that and will now say Mighty and pound his chest when you ask him his name. It's very funny and cute!

Every point in Quinn's life has been amazing for us, but seeing his vocabulary explode has been really incredible. No wonder Q has such a hard time falling asleep at night -- he has so much going on in that big brain of his!

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