St. John Travels, Part I

by Amy, May 17, 2009
After a 7 year separation, we were finally reunited with our beloved St. John and it was as great as we remembered. This was our fifth trip back and our first time with The Mighty Quinn. We stayed in a house that had a magnificent view of Great Cruz Bay on one side and St. Thomas on the other.

We found one positive thing about living in NJ -- we can catch a direct flight from Newark to St. Thomas and it's only a 4 hour flight. Once we hit St. Thomas, we grabbed our rental car and drove across the island to Red Hook where we caught the car ferry to St. John. We hit the store and stocked up on rum (and a couple of other things) and headed to the villa. This guy or one of his friends was our official greeter as we pulled in. He hung around most of the week. Don also spotted his girlfriend.

Once we got unpacked, it was time to jump in the pool. As you can see, the guys are having some fun splashing around.

Here's a view of the Westin and Great Cruz Bay from our deck.

On our previous trips to St. John, we spent a little bit too much time at the locals favorite hangout called "The Beach Bar". It is right on the water with great sunsets, the crowd is salty, and the drinks are cold and strong. We were disappointed that we wouldn't be able to hang out there on this trip. But we had a nice suprise when we stopped by to check out the action and realized that we could grab a beer and food at the bar and sit at a table on the beach. We got to relax with our drinks and Quinn got to run around and play in the sand. It was a win-win situation.

Here's Quinn in front of The Beach Bar throwing back a beer ;)

And the guys having some fun in the sand.

And the happy family.

Quinn also got his first tropical concoction consisting of strawberries, bananas, and coconut. Don also treated him to a Bill's Banana-Rama back at the house (this was my father's special treat for us kids growing up on St. Croix).

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