17 May 2009

St. John Travels, Part III

Another great beach with Quinn was Maho Bay. It's a beach that we never stopped at before but was great with Quinn. It is just steps from the road/car which is a huge benefit when you have to carry a 25# kid, 2 beach chairs, cooler, snorkeling gear, and a beach bag (poor Don). We also found a great spot on the beach that provided good shade all the way in to the water. Quinn could play by the water and get some sun protection.

Here's a view of our beach set up from the water. The water was very calm and shallow a good ways out.

Quinn having some fun with his bucket.

I asked Don to get a picture of Quinn and I so there would be some proof that I was there. I'm always the photographer :)

We found a great babysitter who watched Quinn one morning so Don and I could hit our favorite snorkeling spot, Waterlemon Cay. It's about a 1+ mile hike to the beach and then a pretty good swim out to the Cay for the snorkeling. Once we got out of the car and started our hike, it started pouring down rain. We were drenched by the time we got to the beach so we just headed right out in to the water. Here's Don getting ready to go in.

Despite the rain, the snorkeling was fantastic. The coral and the fans were absolutely beautiful and so full of color. I found a waterproof housing to put around my little Canon digital and got these underwater shots.

We generally see lots of sea turtles in this area because of the sea grass. We saw this little guy as we approached the island.

There is an area on the sandy side of the island where the starfish congregate. In past years we have seen dozens in this area. This year we saw 5 or 6. Here's a colorful yellow one.

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