Avon by the Sea

by Amy, June 29, 2009
Today Quinn and I joined a big group of mamas and babies for a day at the beach -- Avon by the Sea. There were maybe 35 of us there and we had a great time. The weather was perfect and Quinn loved playing in the sand and with buckets of water. He ventured in the ocean up to his waist but wasn't so sure about the current. I thought the water felt nice especially on a warm day.

I met a couple of new moms including another Amy and her daughter Abbie, who happens to share the same birthdate as Quinn. Amy and Abbie live fairly close to us in Westfield so we hope to see them again. Here's Abbie feeding Quinn some grapes.

And the little man checking it all out.

Another mom brought a small inflatable kiddy pool (very clever!). We filled it with water and the kids had a great time. There were about 5 - 6 toddlers about Quinn's age. Here he is with Joaquin who is a couple of months older than Q.

And playing with the sand.

Lola (I think) is hanging out in the pool while Quinn looks on.

Here's the whole gang with all our beach umbrellas!

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