Down the Shore

by Amy, June 15, 2009
On Saturday we packed up and headed to the beach for the day or as they say it in NJ we went "Down the Shore". We visited Point Pleasant Beach which is about 45 miles from Westfield. The weather wasn't really cooperating (it's like we're in Seattle) so we grabbed some lunch and headed to the boardwalk.

We had lunch at Jack Baker's Wharfside, which is located on the water. There were boats pulling up and docking for lunch. The food wasn't great but we enjoyed the live music and great location. Here's our little surfer dude.

Then we headed to the boardwalk. We walked a ways to get out of the heavy foot traffic so Quinn could run around a bit. Here he is with his new pinwheel which was really catching the wind. He was having a good time :)

Some family photos to document our first trip down the shore.

You can't go to the boardwalk without riding on rides. Since this was Quinn's first time at an amusement park we started slow with a little train ride.

From there we moved on to the flying elephants. I took him up first.

Quinn didn't seem like he was having that great of a time, but he did the "more" sign when we finished so Don took a whirl with him.

We finished our great afternoon with some rich and creamy Kohr Brother's Ice Cream. Quinn loved it. Here he is about to get in the car and zonk out on the car ride home.

We had a great day and enjoyed getting to the ocean. Maybe next time we'll even dip our toes in ;)
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