The Flying Quinn

by Amy, June 28, 2009
Quinn has started testing his own limits and has taken to the air. He loves doing face dives from the ottoman the couch. Take a look.

Shortly after I shot this video Quinn was standing on top of the ottoman and was looking away from the couch towards the window. I thought for sure that he wouldn't dive in that direction. Well he sure did! He did a flying face dive right to the floor. There was quite a bit of crying after that but I'm not sure if it was because of his fall or my horrified scream! But, he survived without any cuts or bruises.

If you noticed Quinn's technique off the couch, you will notice the same technique in the pool today. He has been jumping off the side of the pool with me holding his hands for a while but today he did a free fall for the first time and thought it was pretty great. Take a peak...

We got home and I set Quinn in the recliner so I could pull some dinner together. He conked out pretty quickly.

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