19 June 2009


We had our first sunny day in many days today and it was great to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Quinn and I met Robin and her 2 boys at Trailside Nature & Science Center for some fun on their playground, a picnic in the grass, and then a trip through the welcome center.

Here's Quinn with Robin's curly-haired cutie Milo. You can't really see his face but you can get a glimpse of his gorgeous locks. Quinn's not looking so bad himself ;)

Here's our boy. Can you see the cut on his nose, the scrape on his knees, and the bruise on his forehead. He has a new adventurous streak and likes to test his limits. He is all boy!!

Going down the slide head first.

Checking out Jasper's technique going through the tunnel.

And making his own way.

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