25 July 2009


On PEI we had a great time staying with my father's brother, George and his wife Pauline. We got a little bit spoiled!!

Here's Quinn and I with George and Pauline.

George's son, Bill, and his wife Angela have 2 adorable kids who came for a visit. Quinn had a great time playing with his cousins. I think it may be the first time I've seen Quinn actively play with other kids.

Here's Heidi, Quinn, and Max. Heidi is very sweet and would read books to Quinn.

I love this picture of Pauline and Heidi.

We took a drive by the farm where my grandfather grew up. Some of the land is still in the family. My cousin's step daughter bought the land with the house. It was great to see kids and a dog playing the yard. I have so many great memories of staying on the farm.

Mom and my dad's first cousin Grace.

We took the ferry back to Nova Scotia. Here's mom and Quinn in their matching outfits on the ferry.

PEI Wedding

After a few days on Nova Scotia, we headed to Prince Edward Island (PEI) for the wedding. My grandfather grew up on PEI and my father was great friends with his first cousin Aubrey. Aubrey and his wife Beverly have 6 kids and we had great times with them growing up. We made lots of visits to PEI and their family would pile in the car and drive down to Maryland. It was Aubrey & Beverly's granddaugher, Courtney, who was getting married.

Here are the bride and groom, Courtney and Graham. Courtney reminds me very much of her mother Cynthia in both her looks and mannerisms.

Here's the proud mom and Dad, Cynthia and Robbie.

This is Robbie and Cynthia's oldest daughter Candace who has a son about Q's age. Kinda funny that Cynthia is a little bit younger than me and has a grandson Q's age. She starter early and I started late ;)

Here is Robbie and Cynthia's third daughter (for the life of me I can't remember her name).

And the youngest daughter Chloe.

Barry and his partner Arnold.

Cynthia, Brenda, and Linda (also in the picture is David's little girl)

Frank and Tanya.

Mom and Beverly.

Nova Scotia

Quinn, Mom and I headed North to Canada to attend my cousin's daughters wedding on Prince Edward Island. We flew in to Nova Scotia (less than 2 hours from Newark!) and visited with my Grandmother's family first. My grandmother grew up in Nova Scotia on a farm in Pleasant Valley (what a great name!) and was one of 5 sisters. My father loved Pleasant Valley and spent many summers there as a boy and frequently returned as an adult. We had a great visit!!

In Nova Scotia we stayed with my cousin Helene and her husband Ernie. Helene's mother (Margaret) and my grandmother were sisters. Big hearted Helene just got a kitten, Lucy, that was doomed for a life as a barn cat but she is so sweet that Helene couldn't resist. Here's Quinn and Lucy -- I'm not sure what noise Quinn wasn't enjoying in this pic.

Ernie dug up some toys for Quinn which he very much enjoyed. Quinn would push around the trucks outside while we enjoyed our afternoon cocktails. Lucy was always around and would jump in Quinn's truck. Here they are having some fun.

One day we took a ride down to Pictou for some sightseeing and lunch. Here's Ernie and Helene down by the water.

Mama and Q in Pictou.

On the way home we drove by the farm in Pleasant Valley. The family still owns most of the land and farmhouse. Margaret's son, Jordan, lives in the farmhouse with his dog and brood of cats. We drove by the house and ran in to Jordan who was tending to his huge garden. Here's Helene and Jordan with the house in the background.

We also had a visit with Robert and Doreen (Robert is also Margaret's son). Robert was driving a big John Deere tractor in an upcoming parade and took Quinn for a little ride down the street.

This was my first visit to Nova Scotia in about 15 years and it was great to be back. Lots of laughs and great food!!!

13 July 2009

ClickIt or Ticket

Quinn has just started taking a great interest in buckling and unbuckling himself in the carseat. I got this video of him buckling himself in. The point of view on the video is not always so great because I was holding the camera and trying to help him. But if you stick with it until the end (it's about 90 seconds) it's pretty funny watching him pull the strap to tighten it up.

Sitting on a Rock

I'm testing a new blogger application to see if I can make a post from my iPhone.

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08 July 2009

Terhune Orchards

Quinn and I joined some other moms/babes at Terhune Orchards for a Read & Pick. One of the staff members read a blueberry-themed book to the kids and then we got to pick a basket of blueberries.

After riding in the car for an hour, Mr. Quinn wasn't interested in sitting still to listen to the story. He found this playhouse hidden away in a grove of trees.

This is where he was supposed to be ;) But, who wants to follow rules...

We met a couple of friends there, including Amy and Abby (who shares Q's bday). The kids wandered off while the Amy's did all the work.

Our basket of berries.

The owners had a couple of gorgeous 10 year old yellow labs, Rhubarb and Basil. One of them hung under the picnic tables while we were eating lunch. Quinn started to wander off so I went to grab him and when I came back my sandwich was gone. Amy said she didn't see the offense take place, but saw the dog licking his chops :) I guess the veggie loaf isn't too bad after all.

There were a handful of John Deere tractors for the kids to ride. Quinn's a little blurry in this pic, but you get the idea.

After lunch we checked out the animals. They had guinea hens, sheep, lambs, and horses. The animals would eat right out of your hands.

After a full morning it was time to head home...

04 July 2009

The 4th at the Pool

We started off our 4th of July with a trip to the pool. Here's a quick little clip of Quinn having some fun in the misting "tunnel".

And here are the guys hanging out and warming up in the sun.

Around the House

Quinn and I were having some fun with the camera taking pics. This is one we took of ourselves ;) I had put my finger over the flash so we wouldn't be so washed out and it has neat effect.

The buddy was hanging around so we got a picture of him too. It's hard to get a picture of Darwin especially with his ears up like this. The poor guy is feeling pretty arthritic these days. He is slow to get up and really poops out after walks.

After Quinn has been playing with my camera I always find self portraits. This one is actually from our visit on the farm. I like that he included his mama :)

Longstreet Farm

On Thursday, Quinn and I met Robin and her boys at Longstreet Farm. It's a historic farm that is still worked. There are gardens, fields, and animals. It was a beautiful setting and we enjoyed checking out the animals, a picnic, and then some time on the playground.

First we were off to see the chicken coop. There were a couple of turkeys and roosters walking around that the boys found pretty interesting.

Here are the guys checking out the young chickens at the back of the coop.

Then it was on to the pigs. Here's Quinn and Milo getting a peak at the pigs. Our timing was great because a litter of about a dozen little piglets were born a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the little piglets nursing with their very tired mama. The piglets were climbing all over each other and making quite a rucous but the mama never moved an inch.

Quinn hanging out in the field.

It was fun for Quinn to see all these animals in person that we read about in books. He thought it was pretty great!