Longstreet Farm

by Amy, July 04, 2009
On Thursday, Quinn and I met Robin and her boys at Longstreet Farm. It's a historic farm that is still worked. There are gardens, fields, and animals. It was a beautiful setting and we enjoyed checking out the animals, a picnic, and then some time on the playground.

First we were off to see the chicken coop. There were a couple of turkeys and roosters walking around that the boys found pretty interesting.

Here are the guys checking out the young chickens at the back of the coop.

Then it was on to the pigs. Here's Quinn and Milo getting a peak at the pigs. Our timing was great because a litter of about a dozen little piglets were born a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the little piglets nursing with their very tired mama. The piglets were climbing all over each other and making quite a rucous but the mama never moved an inch.

Quinn hanging out in the field.

It was fun for Quinn to see all these animals in person that we read about in books. He thought it was pretty great!
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