Nova Scotia

by Amy, July 25, 2009
Quinn, Mom and I headed North to Canada to attend my cousin's daughters wedding on Prince Edward Island. We flew in to Nova Scotia (less than 2 hours from Newark!) and visited with my Grandmother's family first. My grandmother grew up in Nova Scotia on a farm in Pleasant Valley (what a great name!) and was one of 5 sisters. My father loved Pleasant Valley and spent many summers there as a boy and frequently returned as an adult. We had a great visit!!

In Nova Scotia we stayed with my cousin Helene and her husband Ernie. Helene's mother (Margaret) and my grandmother were sisters. Big hearted Helene just got a kitten, Lucy, that was doomed for a life as a barn cat but she is so sweet that Helene couldn't resist. Here's Quinn and Lucy -- I'm not sure what noise Quinn wasn't enjoying in this pic.

Ernie dug up some toys for Quinn which he very much enjoyed. Quinn would push around the trucks outside while we enjoyed our afternoon cocktails. Lucy was always around and would jump in Quinn's truck. Here they are having some fun.

One day we took a ride down to Pictou for some sightseeing and lunch. Here's Ernie and Helene down by the water.

Mama and Q in Pictou.

On the way home we drove by the farm in Pleasant Valley. The family still owns most of the land and farmhouse. Margaret's son, Jordan, lives in the farmhouse with his dog and brood of cats. We drove by the house and ran in to Jordan who was tending to his huge garden. Here's Helene and Jordan with the house in the background.

We also had a visit with Robert and Doreen (Robert is also Margaret's son). Robert was driving a big John Deere tractor in an upcoming parade and took Quinn for a little ride down the street.

This was my first visit to Nova Scotia in about 15 years and it was great to be back. Lots of laughs and great food!!!
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