PEI Wedding

by Amy, July 25, 2009
After a few days on Nova Scotia, we headed to Prince Edward Island (PEI) for the wedding. My grandfather grew up on PEI and my father was great friends with his first cousin Aubrey. Aubrey and his wife Beverly have 6 kids and we had great times with them growing up. We made lots of visits to PEI and their family would pile in the car and drive down to Maryland. It was Aubrey & Beverly's granddaugher, Courtney, who was getting married.

Here are the bride and groom, Courtney and Graham. Courtney reminds me very much of her mother Cynthia in both her looks and mannerisms.

Here's the proud mom and Dad, Cynthia and Robbie.

This is Robbie and Cynthia's oldest daughter Candace who has a son about Q's age. Kinda funny that Cynthia is a little bit younger than me and has a grandson Q's age. She starter early and I started late ;)

Here is Robbie and Cynthia's third daughter (for the life of me I can't remember her name).

And the youngest daughter Chloe.

Barry and his partner Arnold.

Cynthia, Brenda, and Linda (also in the picture is David's little girl)

Frank and Tanya.

Mom and Beverly.

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