Terhune Orchards

by Amy, July 08, 2009
Quinn and I joined some other moms/babes at Terhune Orchards for a Read & Pick. One of the staff members read a blueberry-themed book to the kids and then we got to pick a basket of blueberries.

After riding in the car for an hour, Mr. Quinn wasn't interested in sitting still to listen to the story. He found this playhouse hidden away in a grove of trees.

This is where he was supposed to be ;) But, who wants to follow rules...

We met a couple of friends there, including Amy and Abby (who shares Q's bday). The kids wandered off while the Amy's did all the work.

Our basket of berries.

The owners had a couple of gorgeous 10 year old yellow labs, Rhubarb and Basil. One of them hung under the picnic tables while we were eating lunch. Quinn started to wander off so I went to grab him and when I came back my sandwich was gone. Amy said she didn't see the offense take place, but saw the dog licking his chops :) I guess the veggie loaf isn't too bad after all.

There were a handful of John Deere tractors for the kids to ride. Quinn's a little blurry in this pic, but you get the idea.

After lunch we checked out the animals. They had guinea hens, sheep, lambs, and horses. The animals would eat right out of your hands.

After a full morning it was time to head home...

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